It begins with you, the client! After you have consulted with us regarding your financial needs, we initiate the loan process by taking your information & compiling in a loan application, along with the supportive documentation & submit to the lender. By providing the supportive documentation below, it enables us to expedite your loan to the lender. The initial documentation is required for any/all home mortgage loans.

The loan process requires the following information:

  • Signed/completed loan application & disclosures
  • 1 Month current & consecutive paystubs (Salaried & W2)
  • 2 Years most recent tax returns – All Pages & Schedules
  • 2 Years W2’s for salaried employees
  • If Self-Employed- Need Partnership/Corporate Returns –
    All pages & schedules; (K1’s must be included)
  • Assets – 2 months current bank statments- all pages, including blank pages
  • Copy of drivers licenses for all borrowers
  • If Refinancing, a copy of your mortgage statement, homeowner’s insurance information, any/all HOA information if applicable.
  • Self-employed borrowers owning businesses must provide a copy of their business license, any permit, etc. if applicable.

After we have submitted your loan with the above documentation, the lender contacts us with a conditional loan approval contingent upon an a appraisal, title report and any other documentation necessary to close your loan.

Phone: (831) 426-1642
Fax:  (831) 325-0082

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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