Mortgage 831 is committed in assisting First-Time Home Buyers with their mortgage needs.  We understand the value of homeownership in the community and surrounding communities which we serve.  

We understand the loan process can be quite confusing & stressful for a “First-Time Home Buyer.”  We encourage you to call or come in and speak to us before you look for a realtor & make an offer on a home. Why? The realtor needs to know what you can realistically afford & most sellers/realtors require a pre-approval before making an offer to purchase a home.

The most common questions we hear are…

Q. What do I need to get pre-approved?

A. Call/Email/Meet with us regarding your family’s financial needs. The documentation we require can be found under The Loan Process Tab.

Q. Why do you need so much information?

A.  The lender requires it. The lender requires “full disclosure” of a borrower’s income, assets & credit history to determine your credit worthiness.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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